7. Operations

Chapter 7


Our Operations Department – which includes Human Resources, IT and Facilities – makes sure that the appropriate strategies, plans and tools are all in place to ensure that the European Cultural Foundation runs smoothly.

Human Resources

At year-end, we employed 23.5 Full-Time Equivalent employees (FTE). The turnover was 4% and we welcomed three interns. Employees’ absence numbers were at 5.28%, which is comparable to the national average and to the year before.

In 2022, our hybrid office policy was formalised and hybrid work agreements with members of staff were renewed. We complied with tax regulations and other relevant legislation in the event of regular remote work.

Our integrity policy, including code of conduct and grievance procedure, is available here. In 2022, no official integrity complaint was submitted. Our external trust colleague reported one confidential consultation.

 Facilities and IT

We conducted a sustainability audit of our office in 2022, which resulted in a negative assessment of the energy consumption of the building. Considering the high costs of necessary renovations, our management and Supervisory Board decided to start the process of moving to a new location. The Operations Team will try to find a suitable new location in 2023.

In terms of digital safety, alongside our standard safety procedures, we conducted an ethical hacking of our systems, updating our risk management processes and taking measures accordingly. We also took out digital security insurance.

Energy consumption and carbon offsetting

Since last year, we have had a ‘Train First’ policy in place and we started to carbon offset our limited air travel. This year, we expanded our carbon offsetting to include train, car and hotel emissions. The CO2 emissions of all of our travel and hotel use were 71 kg and compensated with an amount of €1,646 through Atmosfair, a certified non-profit organisation that supports climate mitigation technologies in developing countries.

Atmosfair plans, finances and carries out these projects with local partners according to the rules and procedures outlined in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol and the ‘Gold Standard’ established by the international environmental NGO community.

As well as making a conscious effort to save energy on heating our office building, we have also offset our carbon emissions related to the energy consumption of our premises by using only CO2-compensated gas. The compensation is carried out by our energy provider, which makes a related donation to Trees for All, a recognised non-profit foundation with a CBF Recognition hallmark and ANBI status, planting forests in the Netherlands and abroad.

In 2022, we used 12,790 CO2 on heating our premises and thereby achieved a reduction of 16.5% compared to the 15,320 CO2 we used in 2021.

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