3. Our Purpose, Mission and Vision

Chapter 3

Our Purpose, Mission and Vision

Our Purpose

“The objective of the ECF, an organisation in the public interest, is to support and promote cultural activities of a European nature. The ECF does not aim to make a profit.” – Articles of Association (Article 2).

The European Cultural Foundation strenghtens the European sentiment by developing and supporting cultural initiatives that let us share, experience and imagine Europe.

We run our own programmes and initiatives and we also participate, cooperate with and support – as well as providing grants to – other organisations that help us to carry out our objectives.

Our Mission

The European Cultural Foundation is committed to promoting a European sentiment through culture and common experience. Our founding fathers formulated this mission in 1954: “The European Cultural Foundation was created for the stimulation of the European sentiment, […], to promote the development and preservation of a feeling of mutual comprehension and democratic solidarity between the peoples of Europe by encouraging cultural and educational activities of common interest.”

This mission is as relevant today as it was 68 years ago. Growing divisions are leading to fragmentation between countries and polarisation within societies. There is a threat of European disintegration. Europe needs to create a renewed sense of belonging. Promoting a European sentiment through culture and education will continue to be at the heart of what we do at the European Cultural Foundation – not out of nostalgia but because, despite everything that has been achieved, a European sentiment is still in short supply.

Our Vision

The vision of the European Cultural Foundation is a united Europe that makes a positive contribution to solving the most pressing problems of our times. We are primarily a foundation for Europe that is guided by the European common good. Culture is the space where we in Europe understand how we can live together, understand our identities and feel at home. Culture is key to building European identities. Culture is the basis on which Europe was built and it is the glue that holds us together.

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